Welcome to National Science Engine (Beta Version) !

Dear Visitor, We welcome you to the National Science Search Engine (Beta Version) at PASTIC Website. We aim to provide you a gateway to explore digital scientific information (research papers/articles, scientific journals and periodicals, research and development projects, scientists information, S&T Libraries and their holdings and much more). PASTIC has recently launched NSSE (Beta Version) with limitted access to Science Abstracts (published by Pakistan Authors). The Search Engine is in beta state, and bugs/errors are expected.

Please let us know above any suggestions to make search engine, a better place to dig out the scientific information in a better way. You can write to us at webmaster@pastic.gov.pk, mti@pastic.gov.pk.

Please be informed about different resources, available in non-integrated mode available at PASTIC Website, listed below:

[  R&D Projects  ]  [  Scientists Directory  ]  [  Union Catalogue  ]  [  Periodicals Directory  ]  [  Scientific Libraries  ]  

Sooner, PASTIC will integrate these resource under National Science Search Engine Platform.

You can start your search below !

National Science Search Engine

Please type your keyword to start searching. For example "agriculture". You will be directed to another page with results. You can drill down the results against your keyword in next window. You can try different combinations of keywords in the next window.

Be informed that this repository is regularly updated. If you are unable to find results against your keywords, you can try later.